Chemtrails – a brief overview

Chemtrail: hox or not ?

Chemtrail: hox or n

The controls are generally regarded the amalgamation of two words that include chemical and trial. It is similar to the word contrail which is the combination of words those are condensation and trail. But both are related to the environment. People sometimes think as Chemtrial hoax. The former has developed a theory to control the birth rate. The new test that first conducted for the existence of Chemtrials took place in the year 1997. Although it contains a theory for birth control, but it affects the surrounding and human life as well.  This operation is carried out by the government of the particular country. Generally the government remains solely responsible for this for decreased population growth. It is not a hoax. It is real as also necessary in countries where the population is very high and need to be controlled for the growth or advancement of the country. Various countries even plan before to drop Chemtrails as it affects human life with various adverse effects. Sometimes this affects the human growth as well as ambience surrounding. Birth control is sometimes required as it is sometimes healthy environment and also betterment of the country.  If the country is small then the population seems to require more advance in terms of growth and also need to maintain the balance so that it get along with the environment.

Chemtrails are real and they are damaging our health

It’s really hard sometimes to make people understand that Chemtrails although having its existence. Some people even think it to be a more fuss. Sometimes they can be seen in the open sky. But people make mistakes with contrails as they are found in haze or as clouds and that too can be observed in the sky while travelling through a jet or air plane journey or through way. But the fact is that it is really affecting the human life. Almost in every part of the world the Chemtrails are affecting human life such as San Diego especially in the year 1997. Not only human beings but automobiles such as air planes, jet, have also affected including the environment. There also has been a theory developed for Chemtrial as Theory of Chemtrial of Conspiracy.  The main objective behind the theory is to control the population of the country. The government takes up the initiative to drop the chemtrails as these are generally chemical agents that affect the biological process put stagnation in population growth.

Summary – Chemtrials seems to be real and the operation is conducted by the government to control the birth rate for more advancement of the country with balanced life and growth.