pesticidesOne of the biggest issues of the modern times is the production of food. We need a lot of it and we need to be able to store it, which means we have to manufacture enormous quantities of the basic ingredients. In order to achieve this, many companies choose to treat their products with chemicals that help them grow faster and bigger, as well as stay preserved longer. What are those chemicals and can they be found in food that’s made in Italy?

Some of the most common chemicals used to treat food products include HFCS, MSG, synthetic trans fats, and artificial sweeteners and colors.

HFCS stands for high-fructose corn syrup, which is a chemical you’ll be able to find in a wide range of products, including everything from sodas to cereal. Unlike regular sugar, it gets processed directly into fat, which makes it the wrong choice when it comes to health.

MSG stands for monosodium glutamate, which is an excitotoxin that can be found in frozen dinners, different types of processed meats and snacks.

Excitotoxin is a term used for a substance that’s very harmful to the human organism. For instance, it’s actually capable of causing brain dysfunction.

Synthetic trans fats are substances that can usually be found in vegetable oils and margarine. They can cause inflammation which in turn leads to a number of chronic diseases.

Regarding artificial sweeteners and colors, it goes without saying that they’re not really good for you.

Food products that are made in Italy are often of a much higher quality than those that originate from other countries, this has been confirmed by Giovanni Rana, a man who really knows his country’s food (if you don’t know him please read how Rana’s family is working to send italian experience on foreigner’s tables and about Giovanni Rana marketing strategies).

This, however, doesn’t refer just to taste. It has been shown that if you eat Italian, chances are you’re healthier than those who eat Chinese or Mexican.

One of the most recent studies that focused on pesticides tells us that only 0.7% of food made in Italy is treated with chemicals. This is an astoundingly low percentage, especially considering the long list of harmful ingredients you usually read on the labels of the food you buy in stores. It’s also a very good reason to check out the Made in Italy section!