Most of us seem that when an airplane streaks across the sky it waves out a trail of smoke like clouds. This feature is especially striking to the children and we adults cannot say we do not like it. This particular view is commonly seen in the afternoons as a result of the intensive jet traffic. Although the streaks of white cloud look amazing with the combination of the blue sky there are several reasons to be worried about it. The reasons are a range of individual ideas, which state that these streaks of cloud may be a possible reason that intensifies the global warming. And it is even further presumed that the governments are furtively dumping harmful chemical substances on us.

Before going to any conclusion regarding this let us first briefly discuss the scientific explanation which results in these streaks. The engine of a jet aircraft ejects searing air. This is because of the water vapour which also gets ejected from the exhaust, and as it is water vapour it is humid. The high altitude where the jets fly, the air over there is extensively cold, even lower than minus forty degrees Fahrenheit. The vapour pressure is also much lower, so when the jet engine ejects hot and humid in the cold atmosphere it results in condensation. The water vapour gets converted into water droplets and further into ice crystals. And the ice crystals are the clouds that we see. In addition to that this is the reason these streaks of cloud are called contrails or “condensation trail”. It can be also compared with our breadth during the cold days. The vapour that comes out of our mouth also is the effect of the same theory stated above.

The theory stated above does make sense. But many pilots also have stated that these contrails not only comprise of water vapour and ice crystals but also contain other by-products from the engine. The by-products that also get released by it are nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, soot, and sulphate particles. Some have even pointed out that these Chemical trails or “chemtrails” have the negative effect on our environment and the government is taking the advantage of contrails to dump chemical substance in the air. And Chemtrails have been also stated in the conspiracy theory. It is generally developed by the government of the country itself to control the growing population and it is kind of chemical base agent.

Summary – Chemtrails and contrails are similar to behold and cannot be distinguished by naked eyes and simple minds. And this is the reason that leads the people to confusion. As per their distrust and belief towards the chemtrail conspiracy theory they confuse even a simple contrail with a chemtrail.