Chemtrails’ are contrails that last for a long time and that which are said to be deliberately created for some type of sinister purpose, by the government. But is this a real thing to be worried at or a hoax.

The Chemtrail looks like a normal contrail in reality. However, there is a conspiracy on the internet that has been passed on for some time and gaining in strength about the Chemtrail. But the truth is that the chemtrails are a hoax and rumour on the internet by people who are looking to create some kind of chaos or just trying to make an impact on others by giving false importance to the chemtrails.

There are several reasons to prove as to why the chemtrails are a hoax. Thousands of citizens of the countries of Canada and the United States of America have been complaining to their respective governments. However, the investigations that have been launched by various scientific communities have actually found no proper evidence to prop the conspiracy theories proving that the chemtrails are a hoax.

The scientists after proper research have found that the white trails are actually contrails that are a result of the emissions that are normally left by the exhaust of the engines of airplanes. The air force of both the countries has repeatedly investigated into the issue and has found that the chemtrails are a hoax. Even the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom has investigated into this matter and has stated that the chemtrails are a hoax. Rather, the word ‘chemtrails’ is considered to be an expression that has been popularized on the internet as there are no scientific evidences to back its existence. Some of the websites have exaggerated the issue just to publicize their existence among the common net user.

Advocates of this chemtrail conspiracy theory have having been stated that the chemtrails are a hoax and could be easily distinguished from the contrails due to their longer duration, thus asserting that these chemtrails are simply those trails that are left by the aircrafts and are said to persist around half a day or simply transform to cirrus type of clouds.

Experts on the atmospheric phenomena tend to deny the very existence of Chemtrails, as they assert the characteristics that are attributed to them, features contrails which respond differently in various conditions with respect to temperature, sunlight, vertical and horizontal wind shear, including the humidity levels that are available at the altitude of the aircraft. Thus, experts are of the opinion that Chemtrails are a hoax due to the increase in air traffic.