Summary: Chemtrails are regarded as a new phenomenon that has struck the entire world. Some people are of the opinion that air planes are used to spray the populated area with some chemical solutions, which are harmful for the health.

The term chemtrail stands for the words ‘chemical’ and ‘trail’, similar to that of contrail which means ‘condensation trail’. This specific term does not mean other aerial spraying forms like cloud seeding, agricultural spraying, aerial fire fighting or skywriting. This term actually refers to the aerial trails that are caused allegedly by the high altitude systematic release of chemical substances that are not ordinarily found in the contrails and results in the presence of characteristic aerial tracks.

Some people consider the chemtrail legend to be a chemical release by the respective government for population control, solar radiation management, chemical or biological warfare or weather control. Hence, these are dangerous and might cause health and respiratory problems. The normal contrails tend to dissipate quite rapidly, are of short length and show inconsistency in their formation. The chemtrails generally extend endlessly and tend to expand to change into the cirrus type of cloud layer.

The initial official United States government references to the upper trails of atmosphere by way of chemicals introduced by military that date back to the 60’s. An early reference to the chemtrail was conducted in 1968. And in the year 1996, a conspiracy was circulated that the USAF has been spraying the population of the country with some mysterious substances from the aircrafts that contain unusual patterns of contrails. But, this was declared a hoax by the country’s Air Force.

In most accounts, the Chemtrails comprised of chemicals like aluminium salts, barium, polymer fibres, silicon carbide or thorium. While, other accounts allege that the skies are seeded with materials that are electrically conductive as a part of the huge electromagnetic super-weapons program that is based on the high-frequency active auroral’ research program. People believing in this conspiracy believe that this Chemtrails are dangerous, however, the reasons tend to differ widely, ranging from chemical population control, military weapon testing, global-warming mitigation measures. However, the federal agencies and scientists have been denied consistently about the existence of Chemtrails and insist that the aerial tracks are just contrails.

Experts tend to explain that the grids that appear from the engines of air planes are due to the contrails resulting from the increasing air traffic. The fact sheet that has been jointly published by the EPA, NASA, NOAA and the FAA in the year 2000, in response to the increasing alarms over the chemtrails, mentions the details of contrail formations and also outlines the potential and known impacts the contrails have on climate and temperature.