Chemtrails, according to some conspiracy believers are said to be chemical substances that are alleged to be sprayed on populated areas in the United States and Canada for various reasons. There are some websites that promote the conspiracy and some that negate it.

According to some chemtrail websites, these are chemicals that are sprayed from air planes, but unlike the ones that spray pesticides on the agriculture. The contrails that normally form from the engines of a plane are short lived, unlike that of the chemtrail. Over the years, some people have started to believe the conspiracy theory that the contrails actually are chemtrails that are harmful to the health of the citizens.

Some chemtrail websites state that this conspiracy dates back to the mid 1990’s when the United States Air Force was charged of spraying largely populated areas with some mysterious chemical substances from aircrafts that flew over with very strange flight patterns. However, such allegations of spreading chemicals or weather altering have been denied, refuted and debunked. But there are some websites on the internet that have been still keeping alive the subject.

Some of the important chemtrail websites that support and propagate the conspiracy theory are of the opinion that the toxic chemicals are sprayed by the government to weaken medicate the population before militarily taking over. Even there have been incidents following the chemtrail of some people contacting medical and physical symptoms. Some of the websites also point out that the chemtrails are actually an evidence of a type of bio-chemical weapon that is being used for testing with less intensity by the military. Some conspiracy believers are of the opinion that this might be used to control the growth of the population through its genocidal or sterilizing effects.

In short, according to the conspiracy believers, the chemtrail is actually a cocktail of biological and chemical agent that is being sprayed deliberately, depending on the theory like bio warfare, weather control or population control. Whatever may be the reason, it has a very bad effect on the general public and has resulted in thousands of people queuing outside the government offices of the country to understand what is happening and why it is being done.

However, after a series of investigations, the government and federal agencies have clearly denied of any such happening like that reported on some of the websites and researches by the scientists and professors of universities have proved that this is just a contrail and not a chemtrail. Hence, the people at large do not have to believe the chemtrail websites that have been keeping the issue open and can relax, without having to fear any consequence or symptoms of being medically unfit.